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Prepaid Cell Phones

Prepaid cell phone plans can be an excellent choice for the consumer who doesn't want to be tied down with a lengthy two year contract with a service provider. Contracted service also charges a lot of fees for various breeches of contract and can be quite expensive if your circumstances happen to change. Terminating your contract early, for example, can put you an extra $150- $200 out of pocket. Also going over your minutes or texting limit can also cost you a hefty charge. Not to mention the late fees if you happen to miss a billing payment by a day or so, which is not only expensive, but can also severely damage your credit score. For those reasons, no contract cell phone plans, or prepaid phone plans are starting to become much more attractive in the eyes of Americans and more and more people are switching to a pay-as-you-go method.

Choosing a prepaid carrier and type of service is still just as challenging as choosing a contracted service. There are just as many companies, most major carriers offer some kind of prepaid plan as well, and tons of options to choose from for a prepaid plan. You may be wondering: what is the best plan? which provider should I choose? What company is the best? We have all the information and answers for you to help you finalize your decision on your phone plan. Read our tips and advice about prepaid phone service and make an informed choice. Don't make a final phone decision until you read our reviews and analysis on the providers. Take into consideration:

  • Who the service provider is
  • Which phones does the plan offer for free or discounted price
  • What kinds of plans does the service provider offer
  • Consumer reviews of the service and plans
  • Geographical coverage of the service provider
  • Terms of service and the how much the service charges
  • Our reviews of the service providers

Importance of Reviews

Making a decision about a final phone plan for prepaid cell phones, or for any kind of contract, is a tough choice. There are many considerations that you need to think about before signing up for service. Many of the factors that affect what your choice should be can be difficult to assess as a new buyer. That's why reading reviews about service plans and cell phones can give you the comprehensive assistance you need to make a good and informed choice about your cell phone plan. Reviews can give you inside information about the catches in contracts, customer satisfaction over a long term period, and easy side by side comparison of your different choices so you can pick out exactly what you need. Send us your list using best online fax service. Our reviews will answer important questions like:

  • Is the service carrier charging a reasonable and competitive rate?
  • Are the quality of the phones up to standard?
  • What's the cost of their average plans?
  • How is the coverage rated, and where is the coverage best?

When you sign up for our services, you will be able to easily access all the best cell phone handset and cell phone plan information in one, easy to access place. We don't sell prepaid phones on our website, but we do review all of their services and provide you with links to the provider homepages and where you can purchase devices from. With our services, it's so easy to see how different providers compare on the services they provide for the best prepaid cell phone plans. If you want more review information from customers like you, you can also check out the consumer review page here:
http://reviews.cnet.com/cell-phones/?tag=hdr;snav for more information.

Prepaid phones are a great choice to get value for your money. Using prepaid cell phone cards and using prepaid cell plans are a great option to save you money on minutes that you don't use and to customize your usage to exactly what you need. Everyone's minutes and function usage are different, so make a prepaid cell phones comparison first in order to find the best prepaid cell phone plan. You can find prepaid cell phones in just about any style that will fit your style and your budget, from high end devices to cheap prepaid cell phones that can do just the simple functions that you require. Without a contract to adhere to, you pay only what you need to. You buy your minutes separately and when they've run out, you don't have a service a plan. It's a great option to keep your calling habits in control.